Every student’s situation is unique, with different advantages and challenges. That’s why finding “Best Fit Colleges” requires balancing Academic, Social, and Financial Fit.

 “UC’s are Test Blind! Now What?! A Look at UC’s 13 Factors for Comprehensive Admission Review” (Recorded at UC Berkeley Splash) 

 “How to Find Best Fit Colleges Webinar” (Recorded at UC Berkeley Splash)

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  • Academic Fit
    • What is your Weighted and Unweighted GPA? 
    • Have you taken academically rigorous courses?
    • What are your SAT/ ACT Test Scores? UCs and CSUs are now Test Blind, but at some schools test scores can benefit.
    • Do you have some majors in mind?
    • Do you have a pre-professional focus, like medicine, law or business?
    • Do you have a preferred school size and class size?
    • Do you prefer an Open or Core Curriculum?
    • Do you think you’d do better with a quarter system or semester system?
  • Social and Cultural Fit
    • What extra-curricular activities do you want to continue (athletics, art, music, student council, debate team)?
    • What ethnic, economic, and religious demographics make you most comfortable?
    • Do you want a liberal or conservative campus – or a place with both?
    • What geographic locations would you consider? What’s the right distance from home?
    • What is your MBTI personality type? What are your RIASEC skills and interests?
    • Do you want support for a physical or mental health concern, such as allergies, anxiety or depression?
  • Financial Fit 
    • Do you know the Cost of Attendance (COA) at a UC, CSU, Community College, other State Schools or at a private university?
    • What is your family’s budget for college?
    • Do you qualify for Need Based Aid?
    • Do you qualify for Merit Based Aid and Scholarships?
    • What is your FAFSA- Expected Family Contribution (EFC)?
    • How much student loan debt can my child manage after he/she graduates?
    • How stable is my financial situation given the pandemic and recent economy?

Finding “Best Fit Colleges” is all about identifying schools that meet your requirements as closely as possible!