Every student’s situation is unique, with different advantages and challenges. That’s why finding “Best Fit Colleges” requires balancing Academic, Social, and Financial Fit.

To watch Haruka’s “How to Find Best Fit Colleges Webinar” (Recorded at UC Berkeley Splash), click here!

  • Academic Fit
    • What is your Weighted and Unweighted GPA? 
    • Have you taken academically rigorous courses?
    • What are your SAT/ ACT Test Scores? UCs and CSUs are now Test Blind, but at some schools test scores can benefit.
    • Do you have some majors in mind?
    • Do you have a pre-professional focus, like medicine, law or business?
    • Do you have a preferred school size and class size?
    • Do you prefer an Open or Core Curriculum?
    • Do you think you’d do better with a quarter system or semester system?
  • Social and Cultural Fit
    • What extra-curricular activities do you want to continue (athletics, art, music, student council, debate team)?
    • What ethnic, economic, and religious demographics make you most comfortable?
    • Do you want a liberal or conservative campus – or a place with both?
    • What geographic locations would you consider? What’s the right distance from home?
    • What is your MBTI personality type? What are your RIASEC skills and interests?
    • Do you want support for a physical or mental health concern, such as allergies, anxiety or depression?
  • Financial Fit 
    • Do you know the Cost of Attendance (COA) at a UC, CSU, Community College, other State Schools or at a private university?
    • What is your family’s budget for college?
    • Do you qualify for Need Based Aid?
    • Do you qualify for Merit Based Aid and Scholarships?
    • What is your FAFSA- Expected Family Contribution (EFC)?
    • How much student loan debt can my child manage after he/she graduates?
    • How stable is my financial situation given the pandemic and recent economy?

Finding “Best Fit Colleges” is all about identifying schools that meet your requirements as closely as possible!