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Feedback from my seminars at Sakura Gakuen  さくら学園のセミナーのアンケート調査の結果 

“The seminar on the  ‘Top 10 Things Colleges Look for in HS Students’ was most helpful.”

“You answered our questions so well and gave us so much information! Everything was very clear and I found it very, very useful!!!”

“I like attending your seminars. I finished my schooling in Japan, so I have little knowledge of how the students in the US choose to enter and finish schools.”

“I learned numerous new things that will increase my chances of admission.”

“Thank you for taking the time to talk and educate everyone regarding college. As the first child going to college, I benefited a lot from listening to your presentation.”

“This was my first time attending a college admissions seminar for my kids. Thanks for providing this opportunity. It was very helpful.”

“I went through the grad school admission process all by myself many years ago and I believe it is beneficial for both students and parents to have consulting services such as yours. Very informative and much appreciated.”

“I appreciate the fact that you are trying to reach out to Japanese speaking parents.”

「親子共々、とても良い学びの場となりました。心から感謝です。息子もいろいろな面で ’大学へ行く’、ということを実感できたと思います。自分の将来に意識を持って、これからの学びに生かせてもらえたらと思います。ありがとう!!」




「カリフォルニアでの大学進学について、ほとんど何も知らなかったので、丁寧にご説明いただき、ありがたかったです。 配布資料もわかりやすくまとまっていたと思います。」



「いろいろな知識を得ることができました。感謝しています。 お金のことは、大事なことですね。」