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“Excellent job by all presenters, Haruka Yamashita, Susanna Ordway and Marge Cortes. The resources were all extremely helpful. I have one kid already a freshman at Berkeley Engineering, but all your info was really helpful for my other 2 kids. I learned A LOT. Thanks!”

 – Y Lee – Splash at UC Berkeley 2022 attendee

“What advice would I give students getting started? I would apply to more schools Early Action to reduce stress and essays. I’d also visit more colleges junior year or earlier. My trip to Boston was a game changer”

 – A. Hori

“My daughter is junior in high school and we started working with Haruka at the end of her fall semester.  I must say it has been wonderful to work with her.  Haruka is very easy to work with, approachable, and most importantly, passionate in helping her clients reach their potential and find the best match school(s) based on academic, social, and financial perspectives.  Her College Knowledge Webinar series have been excellent, in particular, in the era of COVID-19 and so much uncertainty.  We feel well informed and confident that our daughter will find her way to a successful college career and pursue her interests and passions.” – Makiko K.

“Your YouTube videos are good and casual, like Khan Academy, but your Webinars are much more serious. I have to take notes.”

 – M.C. HS Junior


“We just watched the first webinar, about the timeline. You pack a lot of information in there – really helpful! “

 – W.C. Berkeley HS Parent

I love your videos! I’m on (College Knowledge Webinar) #105 right now.

 – M.G. Wells Middle School Parent

“The College Essay Workshop is super helpful! Throughout junior year I honestly felt so overwhelmed whenever I thought about college applications and essays and this class has broken it up so easily that it no longer feels that way. The brainstorming exercises also revealed so much more I could write about than I thought I could before. Thank you!!”

– A.K. Rising Senior – College Essay Webinar Participant

“My wife is binge watching your webinars!”

– HS Junior Parent

“I went through the grad school admission process all by myself many years ago and I believe it is beneficial for both students and parents to have consulting services such as yours. Very informative and much appreciated.”

 – Live seminar registrant

“Your webinars are a wealth of information for a complete novice like us.”

 – M.R. Dougherty Valley H.S. Parent


“I highly recommend Plan It education for college admissions counseling. Our daughter is a Senior who had toured a few college campuses and knew what she wanted to major in, but really didn’t know how to start the college applications process. Haruka helped guide her and self-evaluate to find what schools would be best for her needs. Haruka was instrumental in helping her refine her essays. My daughter was accepted into 7/10 schools she applied to, including Honors colleges and at least two UC’s. She chose her top choice- Reed College in Portland. Haruka also helped my husband and myself understand the financial component of college such as the forms like the FAFSA, and the CSS profile and what our Expected Family Contribution would be. She is a wealth of knowledge and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend your Junior start working with her.” 

– L. K. Dublin HS Parent

“The college search and application process is so daunting, but Haruka has been a fantastic source of information and support. We’ve gained an incredible amount of insight from her College Knowledge webinars. And when my daughter was struggling with writing her college essay, Haruka was able to guide her and pull information out of her in ways that I just could not. My daughter ended up with an essay that she was really happy with and that she felt represented her well. I loved it too, and knowing that Haruka had experience with reading college essays made me feel very confident that she had steered my kid in the right direction. We are both so grateful to have benefited from the vast amount of knowledge that Haruka has accumulated over the years.”

– E.B. Parent of a senior

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“As parents we are quite anxious about this decision, which is complicated by the circulating coronavirus which will impact college visits at the very least. With calm goal setting guidance, Haruka helped us narrow our search down to a focus on 2 colleges. I would highly recommend Haruka to assist in planning the college needs of your family.”

– D.B. Parent of a senior

「カリフォルニアでの大学進学について、ほとんど何も知らなかったので、丁寧にご説明いただき、ありがたかったです。 配布資料もわかりやすくまとまっていたと思います。」


“We had the pleasure of consulting with Haruka Yamashita, Plan It Education. Our son, a senior in high school, has been accepted to many colleges, and we had narrowed it down to five schools before we spoke to Haruka in March. Haruka helped us zero in on what are most important features for all of us to choose the right college for him. She helped us to realize the importance of the financial piece, as we are weighing the amount of debt after graduation vs the aid we can get from each college. Our son is normally shy with adults, but Haruka spoke to him clearly and with kindness, so that he opened up and shared his needs for his future with her. She helped him determine what he likes about each school with regards to classes he visited, supports he would get as a student with a disability, proximity to a large city (which he wants), dorm life, music and theatre opportunities, even the food. She was patient throughout, and in the end she helped us create a fabulous spreadsheet that enabled us to see the pros and cons in color!

 – D. B.


「親子共々、とても良い学びの場となりました。心から感謝です。息子もいろいろな面で ’大学へ行く’、ということを実感できたと思います。自分の将来に意識を持って、これからの学びに生かせてもらえたらと思います。ありがとう!!」

“Thank you for taking the time to talk and educate everyone regarding college. As the first child going to college, I benefited a lot from listening to your presentation.”

  – Live seminar registrant 


「いろいろな知識を得ることができました。感謝しています。 お金のことは、大事なことですね。」